Emily Leta Harris


Graham Andrew Cornell


NEW YORK WINE AND CULINARY CENTER- Next to the Inn on the Lake

BRISTOL HARBOUR- The BEST view in town!

RIO TAMATLAN- Mexican food with a great atmosphere

SIMPLY CREPES- One of Emily and Graham's favorites after a red eye flight

THAI BY NIGHT- Thai food on Main Street Canandaiguia

THE GREEN FRONT- Burgers, Pizza and WINGS

CATCH 407- Seafood and Steak

RAYS- Great for Breakfast

NICKS CHOPHOUSE- Dinner and drinks

CASA DE PASTA- Old timey Italian food. An old Harris favorite

THE VILLIAGER- Family diner

ROOTS CAFE- Part of Imagine Moore Winery. Great for Lunch.

ABBOTS FROZEN CUSTARD- Famous Rochester Ice-cream

SWEET EXPRESSIONS- Chocolate and Candy Store

THE SAND BAR- Located at the Inn on the Lake

EDDIE O'BRIANS- Irish Bar on Main Street

JOSE AND WILLIES- Dive Bar near the Lake

WALLYS- Super Dive Bar near Main Street

Lori Wemple